110624 Heechul talking about M&D and the UCC contest

A Project Group ‘M&D’ formed between ‘big star of the universe, Heechul’ from Super Junior and ‘genius guitarist, Jungmo’ from rock group TRAX!

Please apply for the ‘UCC (or UGC) Music Video Contest’ by making your own creative and talented music video with ‘M&D’s title song, ‘뭘봐(Close Ur Mouth).

Event Info.
1. Event Duration : June 24 ~ July 4
2.Announcement: SMTOWN Homepage/ facebook SMTOWN on July 6.
3.Judging Standard: It’s up to ‘big star in universe, Heechul’ and ‘genius guitarist, Jungmo.’
Heechul and Jungmo will suggest the judging standard through their twitter pages.
4.Participation Method: Upload the video on www.youtube.com. You are required to begin the title of your music video with [M&D UCC (or UGC) CONTEST].
Ex) [M&D UCC (or UGC) CONTEST] 뭘봐 comic version.
Send your information to event@smtown.com via e-mail including your name, phone number, region, and the YouTube URL of your uploaded music video. (The person in charge will send you a confirmation e-mail.)
All music videos will be uploaded on facebook SMTOWN and the winners’ videos will be uploaded on YouTube SMTOWN.
5.Prize: Slippers with Heechul Kim’s drawing will be given to 4 winners. Size will be selected at random.

credit :  @yt


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